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MyCon lenses – A new solution for short-sighted children

Counteracting short-sightedness with children's spectacles

Whether it’s tablets, computers or homework, today’s kids focus more on things right in front of them rather than spending time outdoors. This behavior is leading to more and more children developing myopia – also known as short-sightedness.

We have a solution – Rodenstock MyCon lenses. These lenses are precisely designed to correct myopia, ensure sharp vision and counteract the progression of myopia*.

(*An independent clinical study examining the progression of myopia in European children aged 7 to 14 over a 5-year period has shown that myopia control lenses based on Rodenstock MyCon principles can reduce myopia progression by up to 40%.)

Risks of Myopia Progression

  • If a parent is short-sighted, the child’s risk of developing myopia is increased. The risk increases to 35 to 60% if both parents are short-sighted.
  • Myopia tends to progress more rapidly in children with short-sighted parents. Even with one myopic parent, the average increase in myopia over a 5-year period is slightly more than 2 diopters.
  • Correcting myopia in childhood contributes to healthier eyes in the long run by significantly reducing the risk of developing eye disease in adulthood.

What is behind MyCon lenses?

Myopia is a consequence of the eye being slightly too long. Conventional single vision lenses can correct myopia, but they are not designed to slow it down. Rather, when corrected with these lenses, light is projected behind the retina, causing some children’s eyes to grow excessively long and exacerbating short-sightedness.

With MyCon lenses, light is diffused so that it strikes the periphery in front of the retina rather than behind it. This slows eye-length growth. The areas that control myopia progression in a MyCon lens are located laterally. This ensures that the visual acuity above and below is affected as little as possible.

Advantages of Rodenstock MyCon Spectacle Lenses

Children quickly perceive glasses as a constraint. MyCon lenses from Rodenstock are available in a variety of indices and can thus be flexibly adapted to a child’s needs. Most importantly, they are both thinner and lighter than many other myopia lenses on the market.

  • Shatterproof plastic: Lenses made of plastic ensure high safety during play & activities.
  • Extremely light and thin: The thinner and lighter lenses from Rodenstock are not unpleasantly noticeable even at high visual acuities.
  • Best vision: MyCon lenses improve vision regardless of whether a child is only slightly or severely short-sighted.
  • Simple treatment: Myopia control lenses are the simplest form of short-sightedness treatment and help prevent myopia from progressing uncontrollably in children.

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